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Protection of Personal Data

Protection of Personal Data

The recognition of the fundamental right of the individual to the honour, privacy and individual image includes the warranty and the protection of personal data understood as any information relative to the physical person identified.

Public administrations, bearing in mind their respective areas of competence, can gather and process personal data as long as the treatment is appropriate, relevant and not excessive in relation to the areas and goals determined, explicit and legitimate for the aim they were obtained.

In this context, BASE – Gestió d’Ingressos (Income Management) * strictly complies with the legal regulation of personal data protection and takes legal demandable steps in order to protect them, preserving the privacy and confidentiality.

In any case, every person that provides personal data to BASE – Gestió d’Ingressos can exercise access rights, amendment, removal, objection and restriction of treatment, according to the general European regulation 2016/679 of data protection.

Account of Processing Activities

This Registre d'Activitats de Tractament gathers information in relation to the processing officer, processed data, purpose of the processing, recipients of the information and the way to exercise statutory rights to persons concerned.

Check out the latest revision of the Account of Processing Activities.

Citizenship rights

Access right

The access right allows the person concerned to request for information and obtain it without any cost. The person concerned can request if the data is being used, the aim and purposes, the storage time, the origin and to whom it will be provided. A copy of the treated data can be facilitated.

You can exercise the access right through the application.

Amendment right

The amendment right empowers the concerned person to apply for an amendment of inaccurate or incomplete data. This right can be exercised on all the treated data or only to some data according to the concerned person’s request and the purpose of the treatment.

You can exercise the amendment right through the application.

Removal right

The removal right empowers the concerned person to apply for removal of the data when they are not useful for the aim that originated the gathering and treatment, when they have been used illegally or must be deleted for limited tax liability and the concerned person withdraws and consent that based the treatment or when he opposes (and no other legitimate causes prevail).

You can exercise the removal right through the application.

Objection right

The objection right empowers the concerned person to request that the data will not be used for a certain reason related to a concrete personal situation. This right cannot be exercised in case the treatment is necessary for the fulfilment of a mission done for public interest or on the exercise of public authority.

You can exercise the objection right through the application.

Portability right

The portability right of the data allows obtaining the data in a structured format of general use, machine readable and interoperable when the treatment is done by automated means, and communicate them to someone else in charge fixed by the party concerned. The previous responsible can not oppose to it when the data have been gathered with the interested party’s consent or in a contractual relation. This right does not apply when the Administration treats the data of the party concerned in order to accomplish a public interest aim or on the exercise of public authority.

You can exercise the portability right through the application.

Restriction of treatment right

The restriction of treatment right empowers the concerned person to request to BASE – Gestió d’Ingressos to restrict the treatment of data when it may challenge the accuracy (as long as the party concerned verifies it), when the treatment has been done illegally or the individual concerned refuses to delete them, when they are not necessary anymore but the individual concerned wants to keep them in order to formulate, exercise or defend claims or when the individual concerned refuses the treatment while the legitimate reasons of BASE – Gestió d’Ingressos prevail over all the others.

In all these cases, the data can only be treated with the agreement of the interested party in order to protect the rights of another person or for public interest reasons.

Communication about the amendment or removal of personal data or restriction of treatment

BASE – Gestió d’Ingressos will communicate, as long as it is possible and it does not require a disproportionate amount of effort, any amendment or removal of personal data or restriction of treatment to the recipients to whom they have communicated personal data.

Claim due to lack of response or unsatisfactory response

In front of the denial, total or partial of the exercise of right of access, amendment, removal and limitation of treatment, or in front of a refusal of the request, BASE – Gestió d’Ingressos makes available at your disposal a mailbox of the delegate of personal data protection ( Nevertheless, if the party concerned is not satisfied with the answer, he can submit a claim to l’Autoritat Catalana de Protecció de Dades (APDCAT) website.