Visit-by-appointment in BASE-Gestió d'Ingressos offices

In order to obtain assistance in BASE offices, it is necessary to apply for an APPOINTMENT to speed up operations and avoid waiting times, as well as large concentrations of people.

You can apply for your telephone appointment in order to be contacted by phone by BASE.

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The BASE Guide can solve doubts you may have on local government taxes and revenue.

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BASE on-line

Access to submit applications and procedures online, modify personal data and electronic management with BASE-Gestió d'Ingressos.

Technical requirements to access

Agència Tributària de Catalunya (ATC)


How to get the IdCAT Mòbil with the National Identity Card and Health Card?

IdCAT Mòbil is the identification and signature service, for mobile users, that send one time use code to registered cellphone.

Most important applications and procedures

Next, please find the most recommended applications and procedures, available in the electronic headquarters of BASE, in order to comply with the payment terms of the current year and avoid visiting our offices.